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Burrasca Stampedes onto SE Clinton with Pasta and Vino Aplenty

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The no-frills, heart-filled Italian newcomer touches down.

"La Burrasca" means storm or squall in Italian.
"La Burrasca" means storm or squall in Italian.

Burrasca realizes the Portland dream today as it completes the transition from Tuscan food cart favorite to blushing newborn restaurant. Florence-born owner Paolo Calamai's successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised almost 14K, played a big part in the streamlined design you'll see at the new address. Retro lights hang from an exposed wood ceiling. Subway tiles, an exposed kitchen and light streaming in from expansive front-facing windows complete an upscaled cafeteria vibe.

The menu kicks off with hearty appetizers ($7-$12) like artichoke timbale and chicken liver crostini, progresses into roughly seven secondi ($8-$20), including the Florence-famous pappa al pomodoro. There are also lunch-only sandwiches, a kid's menu some kid-friendly items, and typical Italian sweets, like a pine nut custard tart. Seasonality is woven throughout.

Drinks stick with the Italian theme. Wine selections include Vermentino, Chianti, Brunello and Vin Santo. There is grappa galore, simple cocktails, and other aperitivi and amari. Tuscan craft beers are on the way.

Hours of operation are listed here on Burrasca's website. When you go, look for the larger-than-life running wild boar stamped into the window panes.


2032 SE Clinton, Portland, OR