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New Restaurants Shmizza Public House and 9 Dang Thai Gear Up in Hillsboro

They're both headed to the new Hub 9 building at Orenco Station.

Rendering of Hub 9 at Orenco Station Loop
Rendering of Hub 9 at Orenco Station Loop
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The new Hub 9 building at Hillsboro's Orenco Station, is almost completely leased out. And according to our source at Hub 9, the enclosed food and drink businesses will be opening up in quick succession through August and September.

Building is currently underway at Pizza Shmizza spinoff Shmizza Public House which should open "no later than the 15th." Next up will be the new branch of Beaverton-based Ava Roasteria, forecasted for late August.

Finally, construction will begin next week on Red Onion Thai founder Dan Boonyakamol's 9 Dang Thai. Boonyakamol says the restaurant will seat 70 comfortably and he's planning to offer Thai staples along with some dishes that "are new for Portland." A skin-on whole fish and various curries will be offered. Beer and wine will be served and the restaurant will open for dinner and lunch, seven days a week. Expect 9 Dang Thai to be open by the first week of September.