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Bunk Sandwich Pizza Spinoff Sets September Opening Date

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Owner Tommy Habetz partners with former Water Ave. Coffee roaster Brandon Smyth to open Pizza Jerk at the old Magoo space.

From left: Tommy Habetz, Giove pizza player, Brandon Smyth
From left: Tommy Habetz, Giove pizza player, Brandon Smyth
Courtesy Tommy Habetz

As you know Bunk Sandwich’s Tommy Habetz is working on a new experimental pizza and soft-serve place in NE Portland. But there have been some recent changes in the plan. While the name of the business was initially set to be Moon Pizza, Habetz has recently decided to call it Pizza Jerk instead. And he says the joint will open some time in September in the old Magoo space on NE 42nd Avenue.

On the menu, they’re going with an approach similar to what he's done with Bunk — namely, adding twists to classic items. Or in Habetz's words:

"We’re just trying to make pizza in a very comfortable, family-friendly, snot-nosed-punk-friendly, dental-assistant-friendly pizza joint with lots of cold beer and soft serve,"

Habetz adds that — while the style of inspiration may be similar — this is an entirely different business from Bunk. His partner in this venture is former Stumptown and Water Ave. Coffee roaster Brandon Smyth. "We’re both pizza-obsessed," Habetz said. "We even went on a pizza tour from Boston to Philadelphia last year, hitting all the classic stops." The pair will definitely be making an eggplant parmesan pie for the vegetarians, using quality meats from their friends at Old Salt , and perhaps offering some New England-style variations since Habetz is originally from Connecticut. All pizzas will be baked in electric deck ovens. Wait for more information as the forecasted September opening nears.

—Gail OHara

Bunk Sandwiches

621 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97214

Pizza Jerk

5028 Northeast 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97218, USA