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Coquine’s Opening Night Dinner; Big Gay Ice Cream At Sunshine Tavern

Big Gay Ice Cream

FRANKFURTER FRIDAYS—The folks behind Olympia Provisions are upping their sausage game by going all Ignatius J. Reilly on us. Starting tomorrow, each Friday, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., you can visit OP's Frankfurter Friday cart at the corner of E Burnside and SW Stark Street. The cart series kicks off on Friday, July 10 with a pressed Cubano hot dog sando special ($9), with classic franks going for $6 a pop.

TEQUILA TASTING—Tequila aficionado Clayton Szczech (Experience Tequila/Experience Mezcal) drops by Mi Mero Mole on Sunday, July 12, to showcase four of his new favorite tequilas, sotols and mezcals. To attend, you'll need to pony up $45 and RSVP here. The tasting starts at 5 p.m., with Mi Mero Mole providing assorted snacks.

PORTLAND FOOD ADVENTURES—Technically, Coquine, Katy Millard and Ksandek Podbielski's highly anticipated French-inspired eatery doesn't open until Friday, July 17, but you can tell your friends all about it the day before if you sign up for Portland Food Adventure's opening night dinner. Tickets run $125 each and everyone leaves with a gift certificate to some of Portland's favorite restaurants (Broder, Pizza Maria, Laurelhurst Market). Need a ticket? Buy yours here.

BIG GAY ICE CREAMBryan Petroff (who, with Douglas Quint is the duo behind Big Gay Ice Cream, the wildly popular New York City ice cream shop) will be in Portland on Saturday, July 18 to promote his and Quint's new book, Big Gay Ice Cream Book: Saucy Stories & Frozen Treats; Going All the Way with Ice Cream. Specifically, he'll be taking over the soft serve machine at Jenn Louis' Sunshine Tavern,  where he'll be small-batching up specials (from noon to 11 p.m.) and signing copies of the book. Reservations are recommended.

WILD ABOUT GAME!—It's a long ways out, but tickets for Nicky USA's annual Wild About Game! competitive dinner are officially on sale. This year's event, the 15th so far, features chefs from Seattle going toe-to-toe with our own superstar knife-wielders, including Joanna Ware (Smallwares), Doug Adams (Imperial), Andrew Mace (Le Pigeon) and Carlo Lamagna (Clyde Common). The event goes down just before noon on October 11 at the Resort at the Mountain in Welches. Tickets cost $65 and can be purchased here.