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Don't Forget to Tip Your Eater

Your tips make our Eater world go round


Thank you. Yes, you. You're our lifeblood. If we were hipsters, you'd be our PBR. You're our undercover fixer. Our big bad bacon train. Because when you pass a construction site and see a shiny new Liquor License in the window, you tell the Eater tipline. When you hear that one of your favorite chefs will launch a supper club, you don't keep this solid gold nugget of truth in your pocket, you tell the world. You make history. You reinvent the wheel. You... alright.

But you really do help us to report Portland's most important food news. For this, we declare today and everyday Eater Tipster Day. Just send in a tip and reap the rewards.

Disclaimer: Eater will not actually give you a reward, other than potentially covering your news tip. But everyone says that you're a genius, so you probably already knew that.

Eater PDX tipline