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Correction: Bon Appétit No Longer Loves Us

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Bon Appétit releases America's Best New Restaurants 2015


Despite nominating two Portland restaurants, Bon Appétit leaves Portland off of its America's Best New Restaurants list. Nominated were Kachka and Milk Glass Mrkt, but neither pure vodka or a place that serves "pretty much anything you can put an egg on" swayed the publication. Bon Appétit announced its 10 favorite new restaurants in the nation today.

As noted by The Oregonian's Michael Russell, this is the second time in the past six years that Bon Appétit has excluded Portland from the list.

Otherwise, the West Coast did pretty well, with four California restaurants and one Seattle restaurant making the list. The other featured restaurants came from Brooklyn, Chicago, Austin, Indianapolis, and.... Davidson, North Carolina? It's just outside of Charlotte.

Here are Bon Appétit's favorite new restaurants in the nation:

1.     AL's Place, San Francisco (Restaurant of the Year)
2.     Gjusta, Venice, CA
3.     Petit Trois, Los Angeles
4.     Semilla, Brooklyn
5.     Parachute, Chicago
6.     Dai Due, Austin
7.     Kindred, Davidson, NC
8.     Rintaro, San Francisco
9.     Manolin, Seattle
10.   Milktooth, Indianapolis