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Sellwood's Hotly Debated Moreland Farmer's Pantry Closes

Was it because of the homophobia scandal?

Moreland Farmer's Market

Though a closing date has not been given, the Moreland Farmer's Pantry has announced on Facebook that it will soon shut its doors for good. As reported by The Oregonian, the market and deli opened less than a year ago in Sellwood amid allegations that the owners harbored homophobic beliefs. Using a pseudonym, owner Chauncy Childs made the supposedly homophobic comments on Facebook, and a neighbor shared the comments via social media. The resulting scandal brought out strong opinions from all sides.

The Moreland Farmer's Pantry is dedicated to working with farmers to bring healthy produce to its customers. This means organic and non-GMO foods from farms that use sustainable farming practices. All of that sounds just in step with Portland consumers, and Sellwood locals were initially excited when the market announced that it would open.

Until it closes, Moreland Farmer's Pantry will sell its gourmet items at a discounted rate.

The Moreland Farmer's Pantry has not announced why it is closing, which is leading many to ask: Was it because of the homophobia scandal? The Oregonian article, for instance, has received 600 comments since Tuesday.