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The O Confirms No One Agrees About Barbecue; Taylor Railworks' First-Ever Dinner

Plus, a new Portland cookbook is all about candy

The bar at the Smokehouse Tavern barbecue restaurant
The bar at the Smokehouse Tavern barbecue restaurant

THE OREGONIAN - On August 17, The Oregonian's Michael Russell launched a reader survey on Portland barbecue restaurants, and though it resulted in 100+ comments, it only confirmed one thing: No one on earth can agree on barbecue. Does any self-respecting sauce include cocoa nibs? Is a 75/25 ratio of hickory to mesquite wood really the best? Or is it that, with barbecue, the joy is all about the discussion (or argument)? Fortunately, The Oregonian wasn't updating its 2013 list of Portland's top ten barbecue pits, anyway.

TAYLOR RAILWORKS - The hotly anticipated Southeast restaurant by chef Erik Van Kley will host a special dinner September 5, as part of the Portland Food Adventures dining series. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. You know a restaurant will soon open for real once the specialty dinners begin, and indeed, Taylor Railworks is tentatively planning to open September 9.

CANDY IS MAGIC - Located in Downtown, the handmade-candy company Quin updated candy by excluding artificial colors, sweeteners, waxes, and flavors. Now, owner Jami Curl shows you how to make candy at home. Don't miss your chance to play Willy Wonka: She's completing a cookbook called Candy Is Magic: The Art And Craft of Quin at Home, and it will feature more than 200 recipes.

Taylor Railworks

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