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The Central Hotel Will (Likely) Serve Its Last Pre-Prohibition Cocktail Saturday

But owners hope a last-minute investor will turn things around

Outdoor dining at The Central Hotel
Outdoor dining at The Central Hotel
The Central Hotel

Say goodbye to its Monte Cristos and endless mimosas: The historic Central Hotel in St. Johns will likely close August 30. Owners Risa and Brent Davis recently reported the news via Facebook:

With a heavy heart The Central Hotel needs to say goodbye. As some of you have heard the owners of our building are selling. We will be closing on the 30th of August.

The BIG goodbye is on the 29th of August. Come Join Marly, Huston, Stephanie, Bent and I, our lovely kitchen staff and The Lustful Monks for a night to celebrate moving on. The Lustful monks will be starting around 7:30.

Despite its name, The Central Hotel did not offer accommodations. Instead, it served breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner in its bar and restaurant. The Davises have leased it since 2012, and Risa Davis says that there's still time for an investor to purchase the building and save the restaurant and bar.

"It's right in central St. Johns," Davis told Eater by phone. "The entire community does not want this torn down and turned into apartments. That's what we're trying to do here. Everyone in the neighborhood wants to keep it locally owned."

Davis also says The Central Hotel restaurant and bar has begun a conversation about how to improve the business with Kurt Huffman at ChefStable.

Those interested can contact Risa Davis at or 503-358-4311.

"We have some awesome staff," concludes Davis. "Since the owner is selling the space out from under us, they have to find new jobs. We have a bartender who makes her own bitters. They're just amazing."