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Someone on Twitter Is Writing Erotica Starring Portland's Most Famous Chefs

Steaks aren't the only hot and juicy things coming out of Portland kitchens

The @FoodLiterature Twitter account gets randy [Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images; Tweet by @FoodLiterature
The @FoodLiterature Twitter account gets randy [Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images; Tweet by @FoodLiterature

Ever pictured Gabriel Rucker sexily stirring polenta? What about Kurt Huffman holding a boudin blanc, or Cathy Whims wandering the night wearing lacy gloves of pepperoni with black-olive buttons? If so, there's something wrong with you, but fortunately, you're not alone... apparently.

A person or group of people is tweeting erotica featuring Portland's best-known food personalities, from reputed chefs and restaurateurs to PR reps, using the @FoodLiterature handle.

Is it literature? Or just a delicious Fifty Shades of Grey rip-off?

Haven't had enough? There's plenty more at @FoodLiterature, with the most recent post dated yesterday. Featuring a profile photo of sausages and a Twitter banner of smoked mussels, @FoodLiterature is currently anonymous. Eater has reached out to @FoodLiterature, but the Twitter feed has not responded. It hasn't featured Eater in any of its tweets either, but we're not taking it personally.

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