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Downtown's Hop Dog Opened Today, Interior and Menu Revealed

A new restaurant from the owners of Blue Star Donuts, Boxer Ramen, and Son of a Biscuit

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Dina Avila

Today at noon, Hop Dog opened its doors with the promise of serving the ultimate Portland-style hot dog. With the restaurant concept designed by Katie Poppe and Micah Camden, the business partners lately in the news for the sale of their Little Big Burger franchise, Hop Dog might just pull that off.

So what exactly would "the ultimate Portland-style hot dog" look like? For Hop Dog, the foundation is laid with hot dogs from Olympic Provisions and Sabrett, a New Jersey-based hot dog producer who makes custom dogs for many of New York City's best-known vendors and restaurants, including Katz Delicatessen and Gray Papaya. Next come buns from the Pearl's Nuvrei pâtisserie, and get this: They're made out of brioche dough using bagel-making techniques.

It tastes "like the most expensive hot dog bun on earth," according to Hop Dog-partner Matt Lynch, the general manager for Poppe and Camden's restaurant group. The buns are fluffy on the inside with a brittle pretzel crust.

Hop Dog Menu

And the names of Hop Dog's signature hot dogs? Taken from the Hop Dog team's own furry friends.

After today, visit Hop Dog from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Hop Dog

412 SW 12th Avenue, Suite 105, , Portland, OR 97205