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Red Sauce Pizza to Move into NE 42nd Avenue Neighborhood

2015 is shaping up to be the year that Portland and pizza seriously got it on.

The former Bob's Rocket Pizza
The former Bob's Rocket Pizza
Red Sauce Pizza/Facebook

According to an article dropped by the Mercury today, Red Sauce Pizza will open October 9 on NE 42nd Ave., near Old Salt Marketplace and Roses Ice Cream. With four years of experience managing Apizza Scholls, owner Shardell Dues takes over the old Bob's Rocket Pizza location, which opened back in the 1970s.

In the Mercury article, Dues said that she grew up making pizza, and unlike Apizza Scholls, she doesn't plan to run out of dough or make people stand in long lines. Read: neighborhood place.

This is just the latest in Portland-pizza escapades. The Red Sauce Pizza announcement comes on the heels of Jason Blaire's Hogan's Goat takeover; Handsome Pizza's new NE Killingsworth spot; Scottie's Pizza Parlor's opening on SE Division; and Tommy Habetz's announcement that he will open Pizza Jerk, which will almost be right across the street from Red Sauce Pizza in the rapidly developing 42nd Avenue neighborhood. Additionally, Pream opened in April 2015, and Tastebud is coming soon to Multnomah Village.

Red Sauce Pizza

4641 Northeast Fremont Street, , OR 97213 (503) 288-4899 Visit Website

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