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World-Famous Noma to Close; Salt & Straw Invents 20-Flavored Ice Cream

Forthcoming New Seasons Woodstock announces rooftop patio, and Greg Higgins and SP Provisions team up to create Deschutes sausages.

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The flavor chart for Salt & Straw's Thyme-Based Ice Cream
The flavor chart for Salt & Straw's Thyme-Based Ice Cream
Salt & Straw

NOMA -- The New York Times announced that Noma, that incredibly famous, tweezer-wielding Copenhagen restaurant, will close its doors temporarily to relocate. Why close the world's most famous restaurant? Chef René Redzepi plans to turn a totally destroyed building covered in spray paint and likely doubling as a meth head convention into an urban farm and the new location of Noma. The last dinner service at the current location will be New Year's Eve, and Redzepi plans to reopen in 2017.

NEW SEASONS WOODSTOCK -- Slated to open October 21, New Seasons Woodstock won't just sell groceries, it will have a rooftop patio with seating. According to New Seasons, dishes from its wok bar and ramen bar and by-the-glass beer and wine will be available on-site. The new location will be at SE Woodstock and 45th.

DESCHUTES -- This week, the Deschutes Pub in the Pearl adds two types of sausages to its menu: Fresh Squeezed IPA Coriander and Obsidian Stout Smoked Paprika. To create the sausages, it collaborated with SP Provisions and Greg Higgins, whose house-made charcuterie at Higgins Restaurant has long been one of the city's most iconic dishes.

SALT & STRAW -- Even if you never taste it, you need to know that it happened: Salt & Straw has released an ice cream with 20 flavors in one. To make its Thyme-Based Ice Cream, it combined 20 different ice creams featuring thyme (as the chart below shows). The ice cream is only available at the night events at the Time-Based Art Festival, which ends Sunday. Since so few people will try it, the question arises: Is it ice cream or some sort of performance art?

Salt & Straw

[Chart by Salt & Straw]

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