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Feast Co-Founder to Help Organize Austin Food Festival; Win a Chance to Eat Salad Naked

And Basta Trattoria holds an Italian fish fry.

The private dining room at Basta Trattoria
The private dining room at Basta Trattoria
Basta Trattoria

FEAST AUSTIN? -- Confirmed by The OregonianFeast co-founder Mike Thelin is partnering with barbecue-celebrity Aaron Franklin to organize a 2016 food festival in Austin. But before anyone wigs out over the idea of a Feast Austin, let's just remember that Thelin isn't the only person involved in Feast and that he operates his own culinary consulting business. It's more like when Metallica's Lars Ulrich did a side project with Mercyful Fate in the '90s.

ORGANICGIRL Picking up the pieces, Organicgirl has wrangled Olympia Oyster Bar, Donerland, and Angel Face chefs to pimp its prepared salad mixes at a dinner on Sept. 30 at Enso Urban Winery. "Lettuce Undress your Salad," reads the press release, and you may want to consider: The dinner gives a sneak peak into the highly anticipated Olympia Oyster Bar, and at a time when Portland is going salad crazy, OrganicGirl specializes in dressing-free salads, which should be a fun challenge for the chefs. Free tickets available by raffle.

BASTA TRATTORIA -- On September 22, the Northwest neighborhood institution will dedicate a special dinner to one of Italy's most famous seafood preparations: the fish fry. Chef Marco Frattaroli will host the dinner, which costs $60 per person, at 410 NW 21st St, and tickets are available now. Basta Trattoria has operated since 1992.

Enso Winery

1416 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214 (503) 683-3676 Visit Website

Olympia Oyster Bar

4214 North Mississippi Avenue, , OR 97217 (503) 841-6316 Visit Website

Basta's Trattoria & Bar

410 NW 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 503 274 1572