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It’s Official: Bamboo Sushi is Coming to the West End

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The new sustainable sushi spot could open by year’s end.

Known for its precise seafood sourcing techniques—these chefs sometimes take trips to Alaska to bring back the right fish—Bamboo Sushi has secured a lease in the West End, and if all the permitting and rebuilding goes as planned, it could be serving its first Downtown diners in time for the holiday shopping season.

Details are still getting hashed out, but we recently spoke with Bamboo's executive chef, Jin Soo Yang, by phone, and here's what he told us:

  • Bamboo Sushi will be opening at the corner of SW 12th and Stark, right next door to the recently opened Kure Kitchen
  • The new space could seat as many as 60 diners, making it the largest of the Bamboo's four locations
  • In summer, there will be outdoor seating in addition to this
  • With the new Downtown location, Bamboo will be in each of Portland's four quadrants (yes, Portland officially has five quadrants and, depending on whom you ask, six)

Soo Yang said that the menu will likely reflect what Bamboo already does—lots of sushi, plenty of izakaya-style starters, and one mean cheeseburger. He did add, "I will be looking toward maybe doing new things for the future. The menu will be slightly a variant of what we do at Bamboo Sushi."

Stay tuned.