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New Leikam Brewery's Kosher-Certified Brews Finally Hit Stores

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One of the nation's only kosher-certified breweries is in Portland.

Leikam Brewing owners Sonia Marie and Theo Leikam
Leikam Brewing owners Sonia Marie and Theo Leikam
Leikam Brewing/Facebook

After the kegs ran dry at Leikam Brewing's grand opening in August, people wanted to know: Where can I drink Leikam's certified-kosher brews? Good news: Leikam's production has caught up with demand, and its beers are now available at the bars and bottle shops on this handy map. Just in time for the end of the Yom Kippur fast, might we add.

According to owners Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam, Leikam Brewing may be the second of only two kosher-certified breweries in the nation. Since it is also one of Portland's newest breweries and doesn't have a tasting room, this map is the best way to taste its brews. Either that, or you can join its CSB—that's community support brewery. Leikam was also the first brewery in the city to adapt the CSA local farming business model to brewing.

Reach Leikam Brewing at 503-230-9636.

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