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Rockstar Teutonic Wine Launches Urban Winery

May I offer you a fine Rainier with your pinot?

Teutonic Wine Company's Olga and Barnaby Tuttle in their backyard vineyard
Teutonic Wine Company's Olga and Barnaby Tuttle in their backyard vineyard
Teutonic Wine Company

Anyone who's met Teutonic Wine Company's Olga and Barnaby Tuttle know they aren't your typical winemakers. Put simply, Olga doesn't take any shit, and Barnby, with his motorcycle boots, handle-bar mustache, and hard rock t-shirts, looks as though he's just walked out of a Metallica music video. Tenacious and forward-thinking, they're championing new styles of pinot noir and riesling wines in Oregon (not to mention the connection between cheap beer and fine wine).

Teutonic has produced German and Alsatian-style wines at its winery in Oregon City since 2008, and by the end of the year, it expects to open a new 5,000 square-foot winery and tasting room at 3303 SE 20th Ave and Powell Blvd. Open six days a week, the tasting room won't only serve pinots and rieslings in a variety of styles, from bone-dry to dessert riesling, but your non-wine-drinking friends will be able to swill cans of Rainier. There will be an outdoor patio, too. It's all part of the Tuttles' plan to make wine more approachable.

When Teutonic Wine Company's new tasting room opens, it will be bring Portland's total number of urban wineries to around 25, following on the heels of Southeast's Urban Crush this July. Teutonic is currently raising funds through a variety of special club memberships and winery events.

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