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Upscale Dive Bar Quality Bar's Interior Revealed

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The former White Owl crew opens new Downtown bar.

What else would you expect from the rock 'n' rollers behind Sizzle Pie? Located at 931 SW Oak St, Quality Bar offers a full bar as well as pizza slices brought to you through a window into Sizzle Pie West, located next door. It's dark but has enough light to grow herbs. It's got a shelf of whiskeys but also serves cheap boilermakers. It serves the newest hipster-worthy tallboy, too: Montucky Cold Snack, with it's shiny blue-and-white retro cans featuring a galloping bronco.

Quality Bar was one of the reason's cited by Sizzle Pie-owners Michael "Mikey" McKennedy and Matthew Jacobson for selling White Owl Social Club earlier this year, but don't expect to find the White Owl reincarnated. Quality Bar is smaller, and as McKennedy explained at the soft opening, it is on a mission to highlight local artists. In the future, it intends to double as an art gallery and be a part of the First Thursdays in the Pearl art walk.

The Quality Bar

931 SW Oak St, Portland, OR 97205 Visit Website