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White Owl West Will Soon Nest Inside Wildfang Women's Clothing Retailer

The hybrid retailer-bar will fill the former Martinotti's Cafe & Deli space in Downtown.

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The White Owl Social Club in Southeast
The White Owl Social Club in Southeast
Natalie N/Yelp

The new owners of White Owl Social Club, AJ Fosik, Matthew Relkin, and Jason Radich, have shared details on their forthcoming White Owl West, opening in Downtown this fall. Let's just say it's an out-of-the-dive-bar concept. White Owl West will exclusively serve canned beverages; it will seat around 15; and it will be located inside a new retail location for the Wildfang women's clothing brand.

Wildfang is owned by Portland designers Emma McIlroy and Julia Parsley, aka Irish and Fox, and they specialize in making men's clothing that fits women. The clothing's often edgy style meshes easily with the gutter-punk-meets-day-job look inside White Owl Social Club, and, as Irish recently told the Portland Business Journal, shopping and drinking are in no way exclusive activities.

Wildfang and White Owl West will take the space formerly home to Martinotti's Cafe & Deli, the Italian deli that vacated the location this spring. It's 1,750 square feet total, and of that, White Owl West will occupy 325. The bar will be located on one side of the room, and it will likely have a few seats in front as well as eight seats along the windows. Design features will include a sculpture of a double-headed owl created by Fosik, a local artist whose work has also graced an album cover of heavy metal rockstars Mastodon.

Speaking with Eater, Fosik, Relkin, and Radich said that they're now on the hunt for great canned beverages. "There's a lot of good canned saké," pointed out Relkin, adding that the selection of local canned beers is extensive.

Wildfang will likely open tomorrow, September 4, and White Owl West intends to begin serving tallboys this fall.

White Owl Social Club

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