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Introducing Quality Bar, the Forthcoming Westside Bar From the Folks at Sizzle Pie

They left White Owl Social Club behind, but Quality Bar is soon coming to W Burnside.

Sizzle Pie's Central Eastside location
Sizzle Pie's Central Eastside location
Rajesh K/Yelp

Selling White Owl Social Club earlier this month, Sizzle Pie-owners Michael McKennedy and Matthew Jacobson said, "We just wouldn't be able to do what we're doing right now if we also ran White Owl." Quality Bar is a big part of what they meant. Catty-corner to Powell's Books and attached to Sizzle Pie West on W Burnside, Quality Bar will tentatively open September 25.

Expect a mix of cheap and fancy drinks surrounded by the punchy, dark, artistic setting that the team behind Sizzle Pie is known for. "I never want our patrons to feel like they have to quietly look up words on our menus on their phones," McKennedy told Eater. "I like to create places where anyone can hang out, from my dirt-bag friends who drive motorcycles and play in bands to whoever."

The decor will be stark, with blacks and charcoal greys, but contrasted with Doug fir. Seating will include a wrap-around bar, benches, and three or four tables, plus a few tables upstairs in an area that can double as an event space for larger parties.

Connected to Sizzle Pie West through a window into the kitchen, Quality Bar will serve Sizzle Pie slices and have an organic garden onsite with fresh basil and tomatoes for pies, too. McKennedy expects it to have a restaurant and cocktail-bar vibe during the day and a more full-on bar atmosphere at night.

"It was hard walking away from the White Owl," said McKennedy, "but man, there's nothing like opening a breath-taking bar to get over it."

Sizzle Pie West

926 W Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97209 Visit Website

White Owl Social Club

1305 Southeast 8th Avenue, , OR 97214 (503) 236-9672 Visit Website

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