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Pok Pok Closes Its Airport Location

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Pok Pok Wing has booked a flight out of PDX, but is it one-way?

Last week, Pok Pok Wing took off from the Portland International Airport's PDX food cart pod, located in the Oregon Marketplace in the main terminal. That means anyone arriving or flying away—or anyone who has a hankering for Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings while waiting to pick up a delayed family member—will now have to head into the city to one of the four Pok Pok or sister locations.

Owner Andy Ricker, communicating with Eater PDX by email, said it was simply a matter of the lease running out. Ricker has applied to have Pok Pok Wing return, but he does not yet know whether the airport will grant his request for proposal.

In the meantime, the Bangkok Xpress food cart has taken the place of Pok Pok Wing—stormtrooper in tow. It serves traditional Thai dishes, such as pad thai, drunken noodles, and curries.

Pok Pok Wing opened in the PDX airport in October 2014.

Pok Pok Wing

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