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Power Trio Announces Wayfinder Brewpub

Two of the city's best-known restaurant owners and one of the state's premier brewers band together.

Wayfinder is what happens when you combine the hunger-inducing minds behind some of Oregon's best-known beer, barbecue, pizza, and music: Double Mountain co-founder Charlie DevereuxPodnah's Pit owner Rodney Muirhead, and Sizzle Pie and Relapse Records founder Matt Jacobson. As reported by New School Beer blog, the massive brewery coming to 304 SE 2nd Ave. will focus on German and Czech-inspired pilsner and lagers. It will also serve brewpub dishes like house-baked pretzels, fish and chips, and sandwiches, and though the O says Muirhead isn't looking to repeat Podnah's Pit, there will be baby-back ribs, steaks, a burger, and lots of grilled veggie options (vegans and vegetarians rejoice).

In terms of sheer size, the interior seats 100—sandwiched between the kitchen's custom-built open-fire grill and the 10-barrel brewing system—and will have a 2,200-square-foot wooden deck capable of seating another 100. This deck could be the place this summer, with some sort of greenery, either trees or bamboo likely, and fire pit. The entire venue is closer to 9,000 square feet, which means the brewery could produce serious quantities of beer (read: wholesale). Award-winning brewer Kevin Davey will head brewing.

Wayfinder intends to open spring 2016, and with Jacobson in the mix, it's probably safe to anticipate music and art integrated in some fashion. We'll provide updates here as the brewery shapes up.