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The Oregonian and WWeek Review Portland’s Newest Pizzerias

And WWeek’s Matthew Korfhage visits Sellwood to unpack the Chinese food cart, Straits Kitchen.

Dina Avila

THE OREGONIAN—Did you know that Red Sauce Pizza carries "a small selection of small-batch cosmetics?" For that quirk, along with the business's upside-down PIZZA sign, The O's Ben Waterhouse gives the bemused nod to Red Sauce, but he saves most of his words for the pies, which he writes sport "a chewy crust" and come "generously sauced" with "plenty of cheese."

WILLAMETTE WEEK—Speaking of pizza, Willamette Week's Martin Cizmar gives top marks to Multnomah Village's Tastebud this week. He writes the "pleasantly tart dough", "poster-thin bottom", and topping "combinations that play fresh herbal notes off rich meats and cheeses" make the restaurant the most exciting one Multnomah Village "has seen in a generation. Maybe two."

WILLAMETTE WEEK—Also at WWeek, Matthew Korfhage says this town finally has its first Baba-Nyonya food cart, courtesy of Sellwood's Straits Kitchen. (Korfgage first tried the cuisine—a "culinary hybrid" of Indonesian and Malaysian spices with Chinese techniques—on a long ago international trip.) Thanks to its tartness and spiciness, the cart's signature dish, a curry, gives the bowl's chicken and tofu a "lively" punch, but it's the cart's "frustratingly addictive" popcorn chicken that will keep him jonesing: "[I]t's difficult to get all the way home without shotgunning them in the car."


7783 Southwest Capitol Highway, , OR 97219 Visit Website

Straits Kitchen

80 Houndsditch, , England EC3A 7AB 020 7118 6888 Visit Website

Red Sauce Pizza

4641 Northeast Fremont Street, , OR 97213 (503) 288-4899 Visit Website