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Groundbreaking Din Din Supper Club to Shutter in February

Courtney Sproule is credited with reimagining the Portland restaurant.

Din Din Supper Club
Din Din Supper Club
Dina Avila/EPDX

Chef and owner Courtney Sproule will close her beloved Din Din Supper Club, located at  920 NE Glisan St., at the end of February, according to PoMo. Sproule operated Din Din for years as a pop-up before moving it to a permanent home in April 2013. That same year, PoMo food critic Karen Brooks said Sproule "reimagined what a restaurant could be," and in her press release, Sproule writes, "After nine years, the project has come to fruition." Sproule says she looks forward to cooking in her home and hosting new restaurant talent in the Din Din Supper Club space, beginning with Thali Supper Club and Basque Supper Club. Sproule may lease or sell the Din Din Supper Club space to another restaurant down the road.

Sproule's announcement in part reads:

din din has always by nature been a chameleon, from our start as an itinerant dinner party in unlikely venues to our past few years in our permanent home as a supper club, a café, and a private event space.  With the support of incredibly talented and loyal staff, I've been so lucky and learned so much trying my hand at all kinds of hosting, from the blow-out, art-directed dindins with chefy tasting menus to family-style grandma peasant cooking for guests gathered in celebration of a loved one's birthday.  After nine years, the project has come to fruition and I'm looking forward to new directions.

One of the most distinctive features of Portland's food scene is guests' investment in the transparency of the process-- diners' eagerness to meet their farmers at the market, to talk with the cooks who prepare the food they patronize.  Throughout my years at din din, you graced me as adventurous and appreciative guests and I thank you for helping me to spend a chapter of my life cooking and hosting on my own terms.  I now plan on returning my cooking to my home kitchen and look forward to experiencing what Portland's creative food innovators do next!

Din Din Supper Club

920 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR