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Ate-Oh-Ate to Bring the Hawaiian Smackdown to Woodstock

The East Burnside restaurant announces a second location, hopefully smothered in teriyaki.

Ate-Oh-Ate on East Burnside
Ate-Oh-Ate on East Burnside

Opened in 2010 by Ben Dyer, Jason Owens, and David Kreifels (Laurelhurst Market, Simpatica Dining Hall, and Reverend's BBQ), Ate-Oh-Ate serves the Hawaiian plates and sandwiches of Dyer's home state, and in early-spring 2016, it will open a second location in the Woodstock neighborhood at SE 52nd Avenue and Woodstock, according to the O. Ate-Oh-Ate Woodstock will serve a smaller menu of the East Burnside location's greatest hits—likely featuring dishes like the restaurant's Kalua Pig Plate/Sandwich and its take on Loco Moco, the hamburger-and-fried-egg-over-rice combo. Ate-Oh-Ate's reggae-tinted atmosphere replete with surfboards and palm-frond thatch make it a go-to for a casual lunch or dinner (or the hungover), and in its press release, Ate-Oh-Ate says you can expect beer and cocktails at the Woodstock location, too.

Ate-Oh-Ate [Woodstock]

SE 52nd Ave & SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97206, USA