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Cafe Owner Up for Mayor of Portland

Sarah Iannarone of Arleta Library Bakery & Cafe is likely to enter the race for mayor.

Sarah Iannarone
Sarah Iannarone
Mary Breslin Nichols

The owner of Arleta Library Bakery & Cafe and assistant program director at First Stop Portland, Sarah Iannarone will likely confirm her run for Portland mayor later this month, WWeek reports. Iannarone and her husband Nick own and run Arleta Library Bakery & Cafe, located in the Mt Scott neighborhood at SE 72nd Avenue and Harold, and the cafe is known for having one of the city's best takes on biscuits and gravy, made all the more famous by the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (watch the Iannarones reveal the secrets of their breakfast hash in the scene below). Open since 2007, the cafe serves breakfast and lunch daily.

So how might Sarah Iannarone affect the local dining scene, were she to become mayor? Iannarone has kept mums word on her political platform, but the WWeek article offers some preliminary thoughts, suggesting Iannarone is likely to attract liberal voters. Additionally, the bakery and cafe's website puts forth this message:

The Arleta Library Bakery & Café is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing healthy food to its community at a reasonable price. Additionally, we are committed to sustaining our neighborhood and foodshed by purchasing as much organic food from local farmers and producers as possible and ensuring our employees a living wage.

Arleta Library Bakery Cafe

5513 Southeast 72nd Avenue, , OR 97206 (503) 774-4470 Visit Website