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Kask Bar Closes Overnight But Vows Return

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The temporary shutter comes unexpectedly from the craft cocktail bar beside the former Grüner restaurant.


When the shocking news came that Grüner would close, at least the restaurant's fans could take solace in knowing its sister bar Kask would stick to its regularly scheduled program. But now Kask has closed, rather rapidly, and it will stay closed until further notice. ChefStable and Ox owners Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton own both the former Grüner space and Kask, and according to Greg Denton, Kask will reopen before SuperBite, his new restaurant concept expected to open this spring. So weep not, lovers of Kask's craft cocktails and meat and cheese boards, they will return.


1215 SW Adler Street, Portland, OR