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The New Besaw's Menu, Revealed

Dustin Clark, former chef of Wildwood, has updated the menu with an eye toward tradition.

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The former Besaw's
The former Besaw's

Sharpen your teeth. Besaw's is poised to reopen Wednesday. And along with a new location at 1545 NW 21st, the new Besaw's will feature the talented Dustin Clark, former chef at the legendary Wildwood restaurant. Clark and Besaw's owner Cana Flug actually worked together at Wildwood, and their reunion has prompted many to ask: Will the new Besaw's mark the return of Wildwood's most beloved dishes?

Speaking with Eater, Clark says he's bringing Wildwood's sourcing philosophy to Besaw's but that the menu will stick to Besaw's classics for the most part. That means you'll find a single breakfast, lunch, and brunch menu served daily from morning till 3 p.m., and you'll recognize most of the dishes: The breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, and farmers hashes aren't going anywhere. Clark says, "Where you can go and refine and tighten flavors is through sourcing, to get the best product as possible."

Beyond sourcing, he has added a few new dishes, including a breakfast paella and waffle-crusted chicken wings. Moving forward, he'll test the waters to see whether diners want other new dishes through daily specials, too.

As for dinner, it's "the realm I'm most excited about," says Clark. Clark says he likes the freedom at Besaw's, where he isn't tied to a specific cuisine, and he subtly adds new flavors to give classic dishes pop; in some cases, he swaps fish sauce for sea salt, and he's also updated the restaurant's signature meatloaf, adding ground pork in addition to ground beef. After Wednesday, Besaw's will serve dinner daily from 5 to 10 p.m.

To get you salivating, here are the brunch, dinner, and dessert menus:





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