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Restaurant Diners Love Tipping, According to Study

Where do you stand?


A new study by "the largest and fastest growing privately held media services agency in the world," Horizon Media, suggests that restaurant-goers do not want to eliminate tipping. The study was based on data collected from "3,000 people reflective of the U.S. population," and the most staggering finding was that eighty-one percent of adults who eat out are not ready to get rid of tips. This is more true for older adults, whereas twenty-nine percent of Millennials and Generation Zers think tipping at restaurants is an outdated practice.

So why do most adults seemingly want to keep tipping? The study says fifty-two percent of adults want to have control over tipping and fifty-five percent believe eliminating tips will lead to crappy service.

Do these numbers speak for you? Do you welcome the day you'll get to pay a bill without doing semi-complicated math? Or would you prefer to stay in charge of giving waiters their just deserts?