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In Epic Switcheroo, Shuttered Hokusei Reopens as Fukami Sushiya on SE Belmont

If you thought Hokusei was gone for good, hold onto your chopsticks.

The former Hokusei
The former Hokusei

When sushi-slayer Hokusei announced it would close at the end of 2015, laments poured out in the comments and on social media. But now—good news: Hokusei owner and chef Cody Auger is opening Fukami Sushiya in the same location, 4246 SE Belmont St.

Fukami Sushiya brings a new restaurant format with limited seating, with just an eight-seat chef's counter, a single four top, and a "large center table" available nightly. At the chef's counter, you'll be able to choose from two omakase menus and an a la carte menu, whereas the large center table is reserved exclusively for those who want omakase. To get an idea of chef Auger's dishes, peruse the sample omakase menus on the Fukami Sushiya website. Notably, when open, Hokusei was one of the O's favorite sushi spots.

Fukami Sushiya to likely relocate later 2016. In the press release, Fukami Sushiya writes, "Cody Auger has decided to ride out the rest of the lease at 4246 SE Belmont St. for the final year with a new concept, while looking for a new location."

Fukami Sushiya will begin accepting reservations on February 4 after a "slight remodel," and it expects to open for business February 10. It's hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m.

Fukami Sushiya

4246 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97215 Visit Website