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Daniel Mondok Officially IN at Raven & Rose

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The notable chef drifter brings in a new menu grounded in historic dishes from the British Isles.

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Chef Daniel Mondok
Chef Daniel Mondok
Dina Avila/Raven & Rose

Southwest's British Isles-inspired Raven & Rose has officially brought on Daniel Mondok as executive chef, and the move brings new dishes inspired by historic recipes. Raven & Rose owner Lisa Mygrant tells Eater she and Mondok have been collaborating closely to develop a menu more completely focused on the cuisine of the British Isles (Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales). You'll now find Ryse & Flesh, a saffron rice and offal dish from Britain based on a 1390 recipe, and Duck "Bombay Style," a dish highlighting the Great Britain-India connection with a blend of two curries.

"We have a great LEED-gold certified place, a great bar program, and a new wine list," Mondok says. "Now we want to take the food higher." Mondok has experience in many kitchens, including Swank and Swine, Genoa, Paulee, Sel Gris, Carlyle, the Heathman, and more, and speaking with Eater, he says he's excited to settle down at Raven & Rose.

With Mondok aboard, Raven & Rose will have a renewed focus on building stronger relationships with farmers, and on the menu, this means more meats from one-hundred-percent grass-fed animals and vegetable varieties grown by farmers specifically for the restaurant. Look for fish boards in the near future with house-cured roe, too.

Raven & Rose Dinner Menu