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Burrasca Temporarily Shutters | Karen Brooks Reveals Top 2015 Dishes

And Broth Bar expands its hours.

Broth Bar
Broth Bar
Dina Avila/EPDX

SOUTHEAST—The Tuscany-minded Italian restaurant Burrasca will close now through January 11, 2016 for "a breather and some family time." In a recent tweet, the restaurant writes:


PORTLAND—Portland Monthly food critic Karen Brooks has shared her top dishes of 2015. Without further ado, they are:

Castagna's "Corn, Clam, Pork"

Little Bird's Fried Chicken Coq Au Vin

Holdfast's sweetbreads

Coquine's Porchetta Sandwich

Maurice's Beet and Strawberry Sandwich

NomadPDX's "Egg Nest"

Muscadine "The Best Place to Argue Over PDX's Fried Chicken Supremacy"

Pinolo Gelato "Food Crush"

Coffee mocktails at Either/Or "Best Drinks"

DaNet and Mae "Best Pop-Ups"

Salt & Straw's food-cart flavors "Best 'Only In Portland' Moment"

Xico's totopos con chile deluxe "Happy Hour's Happiest Moment"

Departure's Shaved Collard, Toasted Coconut Salad "Best Salad"


SOUTHEAST—Portland's dedicated bone-broth bar Broth Bar is now open seven days a week, and just in time for New Year's resolutions, it's offering discounts for purchasing bone broth in bulk. It has also launched a collaboration with Portland Juice Company to offer a juice-and-bone-broth-cleanse "box," and owner Tressa Yellig now teaches the wonders of bone broth in the All About Bone Broth class, offered the first Tuesday of each month. [EaterWire]

Broth Bar

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