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Portland Bakeries Appear on Unique Sweets Show | Strohecker's Market to Shutter

And Division Street has lost another pizza spot, Eugenio's Restaurant.

The Cakery
The Cakery
The Cakery

PORTLAND—Tune into the Cooking Channel this Sunday to see the Sweetlandia episode of Unique Sweets. The show explores baked and sweet goods at Bushel and Peck Bakeshop, Baker & Spice's The Cakery, and Palmetto Cafe (the cafe's second appearance on the Cooking Channel). [EaterWire]

COUNCIL CREST—-After many decades in business, the iconic Strohecker's market at 2855 SW Patton will close its doors on January 31, 2016. Until 1996, the market was run by local character Wayne Armand Strohecker, who stockpiled and sold a huge selection of fine wines and who, according to the Oregonian, allegedly once denied selling wines to rockstar Alice Cooper, who Strohecker didn't think would give them the respect they deserved. Today, the market is run by Butch Turner and Lamb's Markets and Bales Marketplace. [EaterWire]

SOUTHEAST—Looks like Eugenio's closed in December, taking away one more pizza option from SE Division. WWeek says it even held a death march to commemorate the occasion. [WWeek]