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Surprisingly Ambitious Century Bar Reveals Details

The especially delayed sports bar that isn’t a sports bar comes from the boys behind Victoria, Sweet Hereafter, Jackknife, Dig A Pony, and Bye and Bye.


John Janulis is a busy man these days. He and his business partners Liam Duffy, Ben Hufford, Ian David, Clyde Wooten, and Jacob Carey helped fund, build, and open Humboldt's Victoria a few months back, and right now, they're hustling to finish construction on Centurytheir don't-call-it-a-sports-bar sports bar—in time for Super Bowl L.

Century is located at 930 SE Sandy Blvd., and last week, Janulis walked us through the space's many rooms, pointing out the many ways guests can use the space. For instance, when a game is on, five screens will descend from the ceiling, and three-tiers of mahogany benches, capable of seating 200, make sure everyone has a good seat.

But once the game is over, up the screens go. In fact, Century won't look like a sports bar when a game's not on—no paraphernalia or pennants will adorn its walls. In other words, Century could be nearly anything to anyone, depending on one's needs, and this could be really exciting. In the past, Century has hinted at culinary seminars and DJs-fueled events.

Here are the stats:

  • It's big: The space will have three bars in total.
  • The main room seats about 200; the front room, as many as 30; and the patio out front seats another 75.
  • Oh yes, there will be a rooftop deck, too, capable of seating 50.
  • There's a pretty plush private room upstairs—it even has a private balcony. Here, one can chill out prior to descending the stairs to make a dramatic grand entrance when tying the knot.
  • Speaking of which—Janulis says he anticipates lots of weddings. The space has a kitchen, and a photo booth, and the main room can easily become a dance floor once the ceremony's over, so he says it's a kind of all-in-oner.
  • And speaking of food: Don't expect plated menu items. While the sports theme doesn't apply to most of Century, it does apply to the menu, so expect things you can eat with your hands, like hot dogs and meat or vegan tacos. For weddings and other important events, Janulis says he and his partners work with catering companies.
  • Few details regarding the bar program have emerged, but Century has said it will feature a robust tequila selection.

If the buildout, landscaping, and a few more permitting processes get completed before the big game, Century could be open by February 7. That, however, is a hope, and not yet a certainty.

Century: 930 SE Sandy Blvd.


930 Southeast Sandy Boulevard, , OR 97214 Visit Website