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Follow Eater PDX on Instagram

See what the cool kids are eating

The day has come: Eater PDX is now on Instagram. Follow Eater PDX to see which beautiful and delicious dishes are trending daily, as well as to catch photos of Portland chefs, restaurant interiors, and more. Do not follow Eater PDX on Instagram if you are at all interested in working through lunch or going on a juice cleanse.

Do you take vivid pictures of dishes and drinks you’d recommend to friends and family? Tag your best Instagram food pics with #eaterpdx. Eater PDX regrams great posts, crediting the photographers for the beautiful handiwork (and likely dashing out of the door on a mission to seek and digest).

In addition to the newly minted Instagram account, don’t forget you can find Eater Portland on Twitter and Facebook. Here are a few recent posts from the feed to show what’s new:

Hollandaise for days @olympiaprovisions, by @carobaker1. Add #eaterpdx to your food pics for a regram!

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