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Honky Tonk Taco Closes After Less Than 3 Months

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Who could have predicted the high-profile restaurant’s rapid shutter?

Honky Tonk Tacos
Honky Tonk Tacos
Dina Avila/EPDX

The O brings this shocker: Honky Tonk Taco has closed on SE Division. The restaurant, which opened on July 25, 2016, came from an all-star crew including Nate Tilden (Olympia Provision, OP Wurst, Clyde Common, Spirit of 77), Martin Schwartz (Olympia Provisions, Free House), and Tyler Gaston (Olympia Provisions), and its menu of “inauthentic” tacos was led by Clyde Common executive chef Carlo Lamagna. Speaking with The O, Honky Tonk Taco’s Tilden had this to say:

"A few things weren't working to our standards at Honky Tonk Taco. Food wasn't where we wanted it to be. We feel like it's a really great space, and we want to execute at a higher level."

The closing will come as a surprise to many. But is Honky Tonk Taco closed for good? The website currently says it is closed “temporarily.” Lamagna did tell The O he intends to focus on his work at Clyde Common and his pop-up, Twisted Filipino, but currently, it is not clear what will happen to the venue at 3384 SE Division St., which had been home to Andy Ricker’s Sen Yai until earlier this year.

Honky Tonk Taco

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