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The Portland Dive Bar That Looks Like Snow White's House May Actually Be Saved

Club 21 could be picked up and moved to a new location

Club 21
Facebook/Club 21

Located just off Sandy Boulevard at 2035 NE Glisan St, Club 21 is one of the city’s most adorable dive bars. It has the velvet paintings; it does not have windows. Most importantly, it looks like a tiny castle. This is thanks to being founded in the 1930s as a Russian Orthodox Church. It’s been operating as Club 21 for decades.

But in recent years, while regulars have been downing its $2 happy hour beers and cheap shots, Club 21’s future has been in jeopardy, and the eagle-eyes at the Mercury, whose office was once located near the bar, have been vigilantly chronicling the bar’s potential demise. Now the Merc reports a critical development: A new landlord has taken over the property, and owners Warren Boothby and Marcus Archambeault are working with him to actually pick up and move the entire venue to a new location.

Club 21’s lease won’t run out for another few years, and for the plan to work, the owners and landlord need to find a new home before then. So if you know of a sweet spot for a boozy building that looks Snow White’s house within a half-mile or so of the current location, now’s the time to give Club 21 a call.