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After Wednesday’s Devastating Explosion, Portland Bagelworks Starts to Rebuild

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The locally owned shop launches GoFundMe campaign

Portland Fire & Rescue putting out the last of the flames at the Dosh Salon Spa buildling
Twitter/PDX Fire & Rescue

Last Wednesday’s gas explosion injured eight people and leveled the Dosha Salon Spa building, home to apartments and three businesses: Dosha Salon, Jason Kundell’s Artwork Rebels Tattoo Studio, and Portland Bagelworks. The explosion also caused significant damage to other businesses in the area, including the Pizzicato Pizza at 505 NW 23red, and the restaurant is temporarily closed for repairs (fortunately Pizzicato opened a nearby location in the Pearl at 1265 NW 10th Ave. just last week).

Opened in 2012, Portland Bagelworks has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help it recover. According to the campaign, the locally owned and operated one-location shop is in a particularly tight situation because much of the equipment used daily to make bagels came with the lease and won’t be included in its insurance claim.

Portland Bagelworks has raised $850 of its $50,000 goal. You can donate to the campaign here. Here’s the full note from the owners as seen on GoFundMe:

Today, a day like any other day, turned into a nightmare. Nearly 40 minutes after being told nearby workers had hit a gas line, our bagel shop exploded. Although we are fortunate that we had evacuated and our staff did not get hurt, there is nothing left. Gone. Our years of work could all be for nothing, if we can't be up and running soon.

In addition, our team of bagel and sandwich makers are left with no source of income. No way to pay their bills.

Yes, there was insurance. But much of the equipment came with the building. And without the equipment, we can't do business.

Your help can save our business... And our team's means of living.

We thank you for your help.

Rik & Kim

Portland Bagelworks

Help spread the word!