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Reactions from This Weekend’s ‘Donald Trump’s BS’ Food Truck Pop-up

Wieden+Kennedy stunt served baloney sandwiches in gold wrappers on a red carpet

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

This past Friday and Saturday, local advertising company Wieden+Kennedy unleashed a food truck pop-up located in Pioneer Courthouse Square serving “Donald Trump’s BS.” Wieden+Kennedy told the O the “BS” stood for baloney sandwich, which the food cart served along “with a healthy dose of factual information.”

As one might imagine, people took to social media to praise or condemn the stunt. Judging from the buzz, much of the activity seems to have been in support of the event, although Trump supporters may have been dissuaded from using the pop-up’s hashtag, #trumpservesbs.

One Twitter user wrote, “My beloved Portland... Just when I think I couldn't possibly love you more...” Another questioned the very idea of standing in line for BS, red carpet or not.

Here are some more of the online reactions and photos from the “Donald Trump’s BS” pop-up food truck event in Portland over the weekend:


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There is a new food truck in town. Its specialty: BS #TrumpServesBS

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