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Welcome to Sweets Week

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Eater pays homage to the sweetest treats for a solid week

Sweets Week

It’s here. The Eater Portland Sweets Week. A whole week dedicated to the city’s best restaurant desserts, bakeshops, pastries, and other sugary creations, all leading up to the serious candy eating come Halloween.

Find this salute to bakeries, desserts, and more on this site (as well as others across the Eater-verse) from October 24 to 28. Here, delve into everything from maps of the city’s best pies to the top restaurants for ordering dessert after a meal. Go behind the scenes to see how one Portland restaurant prepares a dessert table-side while aflame. It’s a brand new theme week from Eater.

And as always, we want to hear from readers, too. Share some of your favorite sweets and desserts in the comments below this article. Consider the comment section an open thread dedicated to Portland’s sweet things.

Now sit back and take a deep breath — it all starts now.