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Renata Unveils Sister Restaurant, Figlia

The Italian restaurant from big-name restaurateurs expands

Renata owners Sandra and Nick Arnerich
Dina Avila/EPDX

Renata, the acclaimed Italian restaurant opened May 2015, is on the move, The O reports. Owners Sandra and Nick Arnerich are opening a 42-seat sister cafe, Figlia, in the former home of the F&B Cafe inside the Rejuvenation furniture store at 1100 SE Grand Ave. By the sounds of it, Figlia will offer a “playful” and well-priced menu of breakfast and lunch options for those either looking to grab-and-go or have a quick sit-down meal. The O writes:

Arnerich says the new cafe corresponds to a shift at Rejuvenation Hardware, away from vintage home goods and toward their own designs. Figlia will focus on bagels, grab-and-go panini, and big salads, including vegetable salads like the Brussels sprouts, pomegranate, and pecorino number that was a hit at Renata last winter. Meats for the Italian and American sandwiches -- porchetta, anyone? -- will be made either in house or at the nearby Renata.

Renata line cook Jamie McDonald will oversee operations. Figlia is aiming to open in December.


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