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Second Food Cart Pod Vandalized on SE Foster This Week

It comes two days after the Portland Mercado robbery

La Arepa food cart in the Carts on Foster pod
Facebook/Carts on Foster

According to its Facebook page, the Carts on Foster pod was vandalized early the morning of October 26, just two days after a similar robbery and vandalism involving eight food carts occurred at Portland Mercado. The Mercado pod is located a little over a mile away and on the same road.

Carts on Foster reports damage similar to that at Portland Mercado: doors pried open and the interiors ransacked. Again, it appears, very little actual money was stolen. The many food carts operating at Carts on Foster include Bari Portland, The Angry Unicorn, the Salon Bucci, El Sultain, and more.

Carts on Foster posted its original Facebook announcement around 10 a.m. today, October 26, and The Oregonian was one of the first news outlets to publish the news. The pod’s Facebook post reads:

We were so saddened to hear about the break-ins at the Portland Mercado. Then this morning, our cart owners were devastated to arrive at Carts on Foster to discover break-ins at most of the carts here as well. Stay tuned here and on your carts individual pages for updates.

There’s no word yet as to when the food carts will reopen; however, all of Portland Mercado’s food carts were able to begin serving customers again within two days of the incident. Fingers crossed the time frame will be similar for Carts on Foster.

Portland Mercado

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Bari Portland Food Cart

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