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Davis Street Tavern Has Grilled Its Last Burger

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Say goodbye to one sweet Old Town happy hour

Davis Street Tavern
Facebook/Davis Street Tavern

Beloved for its happy hour and power-lunches in Old Town, Davis Street Tavern closed its doors about two weeks ago at 500 NW Davis St., according to multiple Eater tipsters and a restaurant spokesperson. The restaurant was opened in 2008 by co-owners Gabriel Kapustka and Christopher Handford, and Eater has reached out to Handford, who also co-owns the rapidly expanding build-your-own-salad restaurant chain, Garden Bar, for the story. Handford has yet to comment on the shutter.

In addition to serving the after-work crowd for years, Davis Street Tavern was also connected to one of the Oregon hospitality industry’s most infamous brawls. The 2010 Cochon 555 pig cook-off held its after party at the Tavern, and that night Cochon 555 co-founder Brady Lowe and Thistle chef Eric Bechard allegedly got into a fist fight over the rule that the competition allow non-Portland pigs to be used. The story lives on as a reminder of the city’s commitment to local sourcing, as well as a warning to not take it too seriously.

Davis Street Tavern

500 NW Davis Street, Portland, OR 97209 503 505 5050

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