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Biwa’s Parasol Bar Declares Opening Date

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Promising late-night noodles in a Japanese train station atmosphere

The former Biwa space, now home to Parasol Bar

This just in via press release: The new bar from the acclaimed Biwa Restaurant team, Parasol will be soft open today, November 1. A Japanese-inspired café and cocktail bar, Parasol takes over the old Biwa spot, at 215 SE 9th Ave. (Biwa Izakaya is now serving in a new space down the hall). Co-owner Kina Voelz’s design firm, Constructive Form, did the build out, with a decor modeled after Japanese train stations and city life.

According to the release, “Parasol serves some of our favorite on-the-go working person dishes, like soba, udon, and curry rice in a cool after-work lounge space with a live soundtrack.” Voelz and fellow owner Gabe Rosen seem to be honing the vision for each of their restaurants —Biwa, Noraneko, and Parasol — and Parasol is shaping up as a take on a busy, Tokyo bar.

Parasol will be soft open today and tomorrow, and the bar will be used for a Portland Japanese Garden fundraiser — with Pip’s Original in-tow — on Thursday, November 3. It will throw open the doors for real on Friday, and moving forward, it’ll operate daily from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Parasol Bar

215 SE 9th Ave. , Portland, OR Visit Website


215 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 (503) 239-8830 Visit Website