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Hotly Anticipated Q Restaurant Declares Opening Date

More Veritable Quandary staff come aboard

The now-closed Veritable Quandary

It appears it wasn’t just spin: Veritable Quandary could actually be reborn in the forthcoming Q Restaurant, according to today’s coverage in The O.

A little backstory: After 45 years, Veritable Quandary, commonly known as VQ, announced it would closed to make way for a new courthouse, tying the tongues of many long-time fans. Soon after, Mazen and Katherine Hariri, who had their first date at VQ many years ago, declared they’d open Q Restaurant, inspired by the restaurant.

Here’s why fans of VQ should get excited:

  • Q Restaurant will have the same chef, Annie Cuggino, and general manager, Erin Hokland
  • It’s located just four blocks away from the former VQ, at 828 S.W. Second Ave.
  • It will serve many of VQ’s most iconic dishes, including that osso bucco
  • And this just in from The O:

The new restaurant, which opens Nov. 21, has hired nearly 60 former VQ employees between the kitchen, dining room, and bar, including sous chefs Natalie Gullish, who spent time at Chez Panisse, and Victor Martinez, who started as a VQ dishwasher 18 years ago and will run the new restaurant's Mexican-inspired brunch.

Mexican-inspired brunch? Sounds as though Q Restaurant will be doing more than replicating VQ when it opens on Monday, November 21. Stay tuned for the details.

Veritable Quandary

1220 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204 (503) 227-7342 Visit Website

Q Restaurant

219 2nd Street, , MS 38827 (662) 454-9500