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Food Cart Crime Wave Suspect Apprehended

He was tracked down using data from a stolen cell phone

Many food cart owners had to suspend business as a result of the robberies
Mattie John Bamman/EPDX

In what has become a nightmare for food cart owners, a spate of food cart burglaries broke out in the final week of October, with dozens of food carts in eight food cart pods having been affected since. Now some good news: Portland Police have arrested Charles Lawrence Johnson, believed to be one of the food cart crooks involved, according to WWeek.

Johnson is suspected of breaking into at least two businesses, including the Hungaricana food cart in the North Killingsworth food cart pod, as well as the Sherpa Nirvana cart in the NE 42nd Avenue pod, where Pastrami Zombie and Mr. Benny were also vandalized. Police say Johnson was using a cell phone stolen from the Hungaricana cart, and they tracked him down by tracing its location. A press release from the Portland Police shows Johnson was also arrested on October 26, 2016, for allegedly breaking into another food business, Tina's Corner Restaurant, located at 5515 SE 122nd Ave.

The suspect, Charles Lawrence Johnson
Multnomah County Jail