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Pearl Tavern by Former Ducks QB Joey Harrington Announces Opening Date

But will it serve duck?

The Parish, the former restaurant occupying 231 N.W. 11th Ave.
Dina Avila/EPDX

Word dropped last month that Joey Harrington, the former football player who played quarterback for the Ducks and Detroit Lions, would soon open Pearl Tavern, at 231 N.W. 11th Ave. And today, The O’s scooper star Michael Russell reports Pearl Tavern will open the doors December 1.

Getting a peek at the menu, Russell says the focus remains on steaks, with six or so cuts and a variety of sauces, but he also got a glimpse of “fried chicken, cornmeal-crusted trout, and a winter squash risotto,” plus bar snacks, like fried cheese curds.

The TV set-up sounds like it could be a hit for football fans and non-sports fans alike: The televisions will be mostly silent except for when football is on, and for major games and the Super Bowl, Pearl Tavern will pull out the big guns: a 14-foot projector screen.

Hailing from Portland, Harrington is teaming up with the ChefStable group and experienced restaurant staff. Roscoe Robinson will head Pearl Tavern’s kitchen, and he’s been with ChefStable for years (opening sous chef at Racion; opening head chef at Cooper’s Hall). Ryan Magarian is designing cocktails, and former St. Jack sommelier Joel Gunderson is running the wine program.

Is Pearl Tavern really going to give RingSide Steakhouse a run for its monty? Still too early to tell.

Pearl Tavern

231 Northwest 11th Avenue, , OR 97209 (503) 954-3796 Visit Website