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Peek Inside Pok Pok Wing

Andy Ricker's new restaurant revealed in photos

Over the weekend, nationally recognized chef and restaurateur Andy Ricker opened the latest incarnation of his wing-centric restaurant concept, Pok Pok Wing. Pok Pok Wing debuted in Manhattan in 2012 and more recently set up shop as a food cart at PDX airport. It's always offered counter service, which fits the current wave of fast-casual spots opening across the city.

Check out the stripped-down style in the gallery above. You'll find the requisite shrine, with what looks like a buddha sitting among candles and plastic flowers, and brilliantly colored tablecloths.

Pok Pok Wing brings new plates to the table. Ike's Fish Sauce Wings are already a poster child for trendy food in Portland, and Ricker has now developed a vegan version with tofu. The other big new dish to land on the Pok Pok Wing menu is kai thawt, Thai-style fried chicken sold by the piece — whether wing, thigh, breast, or tender — and served with sriracha-ranch and sweet-chili dipping sauces.

Pok Pok Wing seats 24 inside, with two additional picnic tables for outdoor seating. It is currently open for lunch and dinner, from Monday through Saturday, with plans to soon offer online delivery and takeout options.

Pok Pok Wing

3120 SE Milwaukie Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202 (503) 233-8696 Visit Website