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Southpark Seafood Unveils Virtual Farm-to-Table Tours

See where your food comes from using a smartphone

Southpark Seafood’s recently added raw bar
Dina Avila/EPDX

Today, downtown’s Southpark Seafood rolls out what it’s calling a virtual farm-to-table tour using “360-degree video technology.” Guests text “southpark” to 24587 for 360-degree tours of the farms, fisheries, wineries, and other purveyors the restaurant works with. This includes a tour of “Curly the Cow’s” home in Tillamook, where Southpark Seafood sources its milk through a partnership with Eat Oregon First, and a trip to the coast for oysters.

Speaking with Eater, general manager Jason Gerlt says, “We have educated our staff to help encourage guests to try it,” and the tour is also advertised on menus (see below). “We’ve always been extremely proud of our suppliers.” Southpark Seafood used Visiting Media’s TrueTour to produce the project. A preview is available here.

This is just the latest update from Southpark Seafood, which has been operating downtown for nearly two decades. The restaurant is still fresh-faced from a major remodel that saw the bar area expanded, a large raw bar added to the dining room, and more.

The virtual farm-to-table tour on the menu
Southpark Seafood

Southpark Seafood

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