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The O Finds Portland’s ‘Best’ Soup Dumplings; WWeek Tackles Pine Street Market Brunch

We read the reviews so you don’t have to

See Inside Open Tandoor, Opening on North Williams This Weekend
Open Tandoor
Dina Avila/EPDX

Here’s a round up of the latest restaurant reviews from Portland’s most established food critics, in a little thing called Week in Reviews. Eat where the critics are eating — or avoiding at all costs.

Restaurant Reviews, November 30

NEW DOWNTOWN CHINESEThe Oregonian’s Samantha Bakall set her sights on newly opened Duck House Chinese Restaurant, serving “Sichuan and Americanized Chinese dishes” near PSU. The menu’s “as expansive as any Chinese restaurant” and has some misses, but the “xiao long bao, or soup dumplings, are the best in Portland.” [Oregonian]

WWEEK SLIGHTLY UPDATES ITS OPINION ON PINE STREET MARKET—After admonishing Pine Street Market after one month in operation back in June, WWeek food critic Martin Cizmar had some nice things to say. After “three visits for breakfast,” he didn’t have to “wait behind anyone to order anything,” and he recommends the OP Wurst’s “Breakfast Dog,” featuring an “extra-smoky wiener wrapped in ultra-thin slices of house-cured bacon”; Trifecta Annex's breakfast pizzas and "fancy toast and classic pastries"; and lattes at Barista (plus, grabbing a sundae at Wiz Bang Bar, "the best thing in the whole market,” starting at 9 a.m.). [WWeek]

INDIAN DISHES ON NORTH WILLIAMS—Located at 4311 N Williams, fresh-faced Open Tandoor “is a solid option for residents of the multi-story apartments on Williams,” reports The Mercury’s Andrea Damewood. That said, "truly great curries" can still only be found in Portland's "western suburbs." Instead, go for veggie pakoras, cheese and garlic naan, the plates from the clay tandoor ovens, and Damewood's favorite dish: the tandoori chicken wrap, with "lush white and dark meat.” Just make sure you sub raita for ranch, "America's grossest dressing." [Mercury]

Duck House Chinese Restaurant

1968 Southwest 5th Avenue, , OR 97201 (971) 801-8888 Visit Website

Open Tandoor

4311 N. Williams Ave. , Portland, OR Visit Website

Pine Street Market

4 Pine Street, , GA 30002 (404) 296-9672 Visit Website